The last two months have flown pretty quickly and it has almost seemed like a blur. To a certain extent. I have realized as to what I really love and that is coding. There is a hidden beauty I found while learning how to make my site work properly and I fell in love with it. Yes, there are a few hardships to face while trying to make a simple page work but it is that challenge that I have always loved to learn from.

Recently I started reading my PHP and MySQL books again and they are starting to remain in my head. Meaning that the things that I read are worth reading now. It is often strange to think that the things that I had once read are now actually making sense to me as to how they work. It is like I needed to take a break from it all to really understand it.

The next stage of it all will be testing all the things that I have learned and hope that they will stick with me. The biggest challenge will be testing on both a live site as well a local site. Not all things are often times created equal and this will be a good way of testing my skills of coding.

The next few days and weeks will be a fun journey into creating a functional theme I can try to submit to the WordPress community. I have thought hard about this and it should be pretty fun and a little daunting at the same time since there are some things that I want to change the output of but feel confident that I will find what I need within the forums and Google on my side.