Working with jQuery has been a really crazy journey these past few weeks. The biggest hurdle has been understanding how it all works. Little by little it has all been clicking in my head. Reading several articles about what jQuery is and how to use is has been a good enlightenment for me. There are of course a few drawbacks to trying things on your own and the biggest being no feedback. While, yes, there is some feedback but not in the traditional way or sense that I was accustomed.

I love being able to learn at my own pace but at the same time it can be very hard. Perfect example of this is trying to understand how JavaScript prototypes work. The first time I encountered the term was viewing a tutorial on building a jQuery plugin. While he made a quick reference to another article that I read after viewing the video it both confused me a little bit but it also helped me understand JavaScript a little more.

In the following weeks and months I hope to have a post explaining a little more about how prototypal inheritance works in JavaScript and maybe have something to show for it when I have it all done. I need to find some more resources and read more articles about it so I can get a better grasp and then I will have a much better understanding of it all. When done, I will hopefully have a jQuery plugin completed by then. Yes, another plugin but I need to start somewhere like most people did and have and what better way than to learn from not only others but from my mistakes as well.