Parenthood and the lessons

There are so many lessons that you learn when you become a new parent.

  1. One of the first lessons you learn is to take naps when you get a chance.
  2. DO NOT TRY TO FINISH ANYTHING!! This is a hard lesson for some people to learn because often times we as human beings don’t like to leave things half done or unfinished. Learn to let go of that.
  3. Just because it worked once does not mean it will work again.
  4. Do not be afraid to look stupid. What other people may view as odd/strange, your little one will love more than anything else you buy.
  5. Cherish every single moment with them.

The last one will hit close to home to any parent when you tell them you are expecting or have a little one. It is because of that I have taken an affinity to letting people not only talk about their childhood experiences but also letting me share mine. Sharing those precious moments when you are about two seconds away from falling asleep and the little one starts to cry because of some random nightmare.

The only thing you can really do is smile and know that one day they may just get the chance to experience the same thing.

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3 responses to “Parenthood – The journey begins”

  1. “…human beings don’t like to leave things half done or unfinished. Learn to let go of that…”

    Thanks for having written this Jose. Since I read this about a month ago, I find myself referring to the concept every few days– it inspires/helps me to remind me to be able to drop something less important for something more important, even though the less important thing isn’t yet finished. Good to know that someone else has experienced the same thing and has shared it!

  2. Good guide and advice. We live, We learn… and along the way we become Parents and our kids become better parents and teachers and engineers and entrepreneurs and Presidents.

  3. J. Parsons Avatar
    J. Parsons

    You said it beautifully <3