Lessons Learned

Salvador is going on six months old and is learning frighteningly fast. The thing that amazes me is that he knows how to manipulate our emotions. One moment he will be screaming at the top of his lungs because he is wet or hungry and just as quickly as we look at him he stops and smiles. Babies know. Oh, they know. Some pick it up faster than others.

The thing other parents will often tell us is to never take the time for granted. That is one thing that I will always cherish the most. Watching SJ fall as he learns to sit under his own strength is a little heart-breaking at times because he hits his head and will want to cry. Makes you never want to take your eyes away from them; always watching.

We are always learning new things; that will never change in our lives. Some of the things I have learned are some of the simplest things you could imagine. The biggest one being always be ready. Now, that is the motto of the boy scouts but should be pretty true for any parent. You never know when they’ll get hungry, have to be changed or entertained. Like I stated earlier: no one situation is the same.

A perfect example would be when little man had to get his shots and we didn’t – for some weird reason – pack a bottle for him. Bad move. When we arrived at the clinic he was perfectly fine but about fifteen minutes of being there he was getting a little restless, tired and hungry. He got his shot, began to cry and we quickly realized that we didn’t have a bottle for him. To make things better we couldn’t find a pacifier for him either.

I had to watch as my child was in pain. It was heart wrenching and extremely stomach churning all at once. No words can communicate, or portray, that anguish one feels.

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3 responses to “Parenthood – The journey begins”

  1. “…human beings don’t like to leave things half done or unfinished. Learn to let go of that…”

    Thanks for having written this Jose. Since I read this about a month ago, I find myself referring to the concept every few days– it inspires/helps me to remind me to be able to drop something less important for something more important, even though the less important thing isn’t yet finished. Good to know that someone else has experienced the same thing and has shared it!

  2. Good guide and advice. We live, We learn… and along the way we become Parents and our kids become better parents and teachers and engineers and entrepreneurs and Presidents.

  3. J. Parsons Avatar
    J. Parsons

    You said it beautifully <3