The most recent version of WordPress got delayed but I feel it is for the good. The reason this time is because the features are not quite the way the community would like. There are some minor issues but will be fixed within the time span.

The reason I’m pretty pumped about this next major release is for  two reasons:

Post Formats

Why post formats? They have been around for some time now. The reason I’m pretty pumped about it is because this is one thing that not many people know about it. It has been dormant for some, like myself until about a year ago. Have yet to use all of them and experiment with them all.

Media support

Media support is going to be one of the bigger one since I know there are sites that use WordPress more as a CMS than blogging/publishing tool. The thing that really got me very excited was the introduction of mediaelements.js to core.

WordPress now has video and audio playback?
WordPress now has video and audio playback?

Seeing those little brackets around the words audio and video made my heart leap a little bit. Almost brought a little teardrop to my eye. The reason I got super excited was because when I first started this personally run blog I was on the lookout for a plugin that was able to do video playback. I love taking videos and would love to be able to expand on that a little more as my web experience expands and progresses.

What does that mean for other people?

For other people it means that they will be able to expand a little more. I think sites that already use video or audio will be happy in that they will be able to use one less plugin. I will keep wondering as to how many more sites will be using the support to their advantage and how many developers will encourage the use.