There are a lot of things that have been changing in the WordPress community. I feel for the better. Many of course because people speak out about it.

The other day I came across a ticket that I know I could be of at least some help. It was believe it or not in the meta trac site. As I was reading the description and comments I felt I had to be part of this.

I love reviewing themes when I get a chance and often times don’t like the preview that is offered in the theme repo. Part of that reason is because it does often take away from some of the things that a theme does try to do.

The current theme preview is comprised of a few sample posts and pages. That’s all good and great but let’s face it here, things have changed over the years. The biggest thing being post formats. That often helps decision making for many people. Some people want to just blog and show off their different things in a different manner while others just want a starting point.

Currently there are more than 200 themes that support it in some fashion. That’s quite a bit since currently there are about 2,100 themes. Meaning that about 10% of themes may not look the way they should or the way the developer intended. That number has to change.

So my contribution is simple. I made a preview site, I’ve invited some theme reviewers/developers to help with some dummy content and now we are one step closer to making the WordPress theme preview look that much better.

If you want to help, by all means don’t hesitate. Ask, comment or email either here, personally, or the trac ticket.


2 responses to “Theme previews are getting better”

  1. This have been on my mind for a long time! Wrote a comment (lenghty one) at the trac.Thanks for bringing this up! Cheers!

    1. Of course! I did read the comment and I think categories would be a good way or at least a good idea of how to search the theme repo.