In the last post I mentioned I wanted to dive a little bit into using Backbone and Underscore for a theme. I still am pursuing that. I’ve made some progress on that front so that’s a good thing.

There is one thing that does need to change a little bit. The libraries used in core. Currently they are at version 1.2.3 and 1.8.3 for Backbone and Underscore respectively. Core is a little outdated and is in need of an update. Yes, there is a core ticket for backbone and underscore on trac but they do need testing.

That’s great!

Now this means I get to set up my test site and try to break things. I’m really looking forward to this part. Yes, I like to figure out where things break and why a lot.

The other reason I’m happy is because earlier today I realized that I didn’t have the WP-API plugin on this site. I know, I know. Core will be using this down the road but this is one thing that really needed to be installed on here for the longest time. I don’t really know how I never installed it long ago but that is now fixed.

I guess the next stage will be in writing out a quick post on my learning of underscore and templating. I did learn a few things while diving into the core files and undercores documentation.

The big lesson learned was that the following code is used in core and can be used in a theme in order to declare your own version of templating rather than having to add wp-util as a dependency.

_.templateSettings = {
		evaluate:    /<#([\s\S]+?)#>/g,
		interpolate: /\{\{\{([\s\S]+?)\}\}\}/g,
		escape:      /\{\{([^\}]+?)\}\}(?!\})/g,
		variable:    'data'