Weekend updates

I know it has been quite some time since I posted anything on here and I'm hoping to change that. The last time I posted anything was back in June and that was rather short lived as well. With Gutenberg getting frequent updates this could be a fun little thing and experiment for my weekends.

I say that only because the editor itself does have a lot of potential behind it but needs to get a little more steam from others. What I will be doing is posting an update every Sunday on how not only my week went but what I hope to accomplish for the week.

There have been several changes to my life and the biggest one is I am now working at Elegant Themes as a Junior Developer. The even more amazing thing is I'll be working, tinkering, and learning more about ReactJS since that is what the visual builder uses.

The biggest thing I am looking forward to is setting mini-goals for myself and hopefully helping in making the Gutenberg experience much better.

The biggest challenge could actually be keeping the posts to development related things.

2 responses to “Weekend updates”

  1. Congrats on the new gig! Looking forward to hearing about all the neat things you’ll be doing!