In the last week a few things happened. I worked on a few bug issues assigned to me and learned more about how the code works and does all the magic behind the scenes.

It is a good change of pace for me and am loving the fact I can help out so many at once as well.

A few things I did learn and relearn were that if you are working on something you want to make sure that you are working in the right directory. I spent about an hour editing a file, making changes, and wondering why it wasn't changing in the browser. As it turns out I was working in the wrong folder when making those changes.

Another thing I learned was it can help to keep the grunt watch task running if you are making changes to either CSS files or the developer files so they can be reflected after making those changes. Yeah, that was a fun one to remember.

Now for this coming week, I will, of course, focus on bugs and will try to get some compatibility issues.

In the following days I will also be doing my best to expand my knowledge on ES6 and ReactJS so I'll most likely be rather quiet on social media – this may be a good thing as well – unless I'm sharing a random article or video I find useful to me.