Okay, super late and just combined to make it a little easier. I hope. Been working a lot on retaining knowledge learned. Some days have been easier than others.

One thing that I have made progress on is getting more comfortable using the command line. At least when it comes to working with Git. I am understanding more and more since I am forcing myself to use the command line to stage changes, commit things and add commit messages, and just the overall process of making branches not just from a master branch but from a specific commit as well.

The next thing I'll try and work on is editing files while in the command line. I do want to use vim but may just have to resort to trying it out on a random personal project to get more familiar with it all.

There is one last thing that I do want to work on as well and that is my reading. I need to pick up a book or two on computer science because it is neat to learn about those things and maybe another book on JavaScript. I do still need to finish reading Eloquent JavaScript first though – I have like two more chapters left to read.