Okay, sort of back on track with this thing. For the most part. This week I really tried hard to do all things in the command line. I did learn how to go to a specific line but still have to look it up from time to time. I at least remember how to exit the editor both by saving changes and not saving changes. I successfully edited a file, saved those changes, staged the file, and made a commit.

The next few minutes were spent on correcting the spelling of a function check but it worked either way. I amazed myself when I checked my site and it didn't give me a white screen or an error. Needless to say I celebrated with a little dance at my desk when I saw no errors.

I am getting a bit more comfortable using core JavaScript as much as I can and of course I do have this habit of commenting it all as I write it out. The biggest reason is because I know there are several other people who will be looking at the code and it is nice to show your work, even if it is in comment form.

I'll end it with one thing. I will always dislike CSS because it can be irritating to troubleshoot browser specific things.

I'm looking at you IE.

It was a fairly good week with a few things learned along the way and this coming week I want to push myself more so I can better improve and get that muscle memory within the command line.