Yes, very super delayed post and I don’t know what to really say about it all. To be honest I barely even remember making this post and it was set to draft initially. I think I might have published it and then changed it later on.


The last several weeks have proven to be a mental explosion of PHP, CSS, and JS blended together. The nice part is I have gotten much more comfortable using the command line that I’ve begun to use Vim as my go to for editing now. I know some people out there are yelling and crying a little that I’m resorting to that. I like some aspects of it and do like the fact that I can use that on my site when I can.

The main reason I chose to go that route was because it is a bit more of a challenge for me. The nicer part is that it does lend some ability so I can edit files remotely as well and not have to rely on other software to do that. Just a little bit of storage that can be used for more random images, right? I love me a good meme here and there.

Now, the other things that have happened are that I bought a laptop to use for just work and installed Ubuntu. Yes, another hit for some of you but it is something I have wanted to do for some time now. I still like using OSX from time to time and am somewhat forced to work with Window 10 because, you know, that won’t be going away any time soon, It’s mostly for my Adobe apps that I’m using that anyway since the machine I built can handle that better than the OSX laptop. There are a few more things that I will be getting more used to but it will be fine and I’m definitely going love this.

As for the code side of things, I haven’t been too deep into learning and am a little saddened by this. I have expanded my knowledge in using ReactJS a little better. That’s a good thing. Trying to think positive here. It’s not always easy when you hit a small mental block and that hits you harder than you expected.

I need to find a way to balance my fun reading and work reading as well since they do align together at times. I know I can find plenty of online resources to help me in getting a better understanding of advanced concepts in code. Okay, I just need to find a way to keep a tally of things I have read and need to read. If only there was a tool that did that online…

On to other things.

One thing I have done is gotten a little more familiar with the command line so I’ve been resorting to reading about server things. My site has been hosted with Dreamhost for quite some time and I’ve been happy with them. There are a few things that I learned while learning about the command line.

One, that Dreamhost has WP-CLI running. Two, that they have neat little tools when it comes to their shell access and I hope to use it some time this year.

Yeah, there are a lot of articles I will need to read and a lot of mistakes I’ll need to make but I will make happy mistakes because I’ll be learning. I’m talking about code mistakes of course.