Okay, I haven’t done weekly updates in quite some time. I was somewhat consistent for a while but then it just kind of stopped for some time. Things happen, right?

This time around, I am thinking of doing my updates on Friday nights. This way I can at least be somewhat consistent and plan ahead for the end of the week.

I think the biggest reason I want to do this is to see my progress but also record it. Having it on this site makes perfect sense because there are a few things I want to do.

  • Understand ReactJS better
  • Build a ReactJS theme, plugin, and or admin page
  • Draw more
  • Use Illustrator more
  • Read more
  • Blog more

Almost sounds like a lot but I know I’m capable of doing those things.

Today I began working on a random theme that will use ReactJS and ran into a few hurdles getting the JavaScript to compile properly. I was lucky to read this article to get a better understanding on how to get things working.

It was cool to see the Component I had created get rendered on the browser, granted it was a super simple thing but still cool nonetheless. I think the one thing I would like to focus on is getting a decent navigation going or even getting archives to show right. I know I saw an issue with both not being able to fully play nice with WordPress.

All I know is that I’m looking forward to breaking my site along the way.

Yes, I’ll be trying to use the theme on this site once it gets more fine-tuned.