Over the last three weeks I shared a few things I read and sort of learned along the way. This week I, again, focused a little more on support but did dive back into learning things again. What was really awesome was a tweet I saw and it felt like I really was meant to see that.

The tweet was by Chris Coyier:

For me, that is fairly true. I picked up CSS first, then HTML before wanting to learn JavaScript. Some of the things clicked instantly and some took longer than others. JavaScript being the one I’m still sort of learning. I say that because I’m finally comfortable enough to really break things on purpose to see what happens.

Now, I did mention I was debating on updating my laptop to Ubuntu 18.04 last time and I did. It’s been good. There are a few things I’m still learning about Ubuntu but overall it has been good that I only had to restart it once after an update. If it was my desktop ( running Windows ) I would most likely still be updating random things.It’s been really irking me that I can’t remove some apps without resorting to the command line. This was after a reset.

I guess enough griping really, I’m lucky I have that desktop. I built it a long time ago and it is still running. I just need to find the time and dust it out. It has been quite some time since I last did that anyway.

Okay, back on track.

The cool part is that things really are starting to make sense to me when it comes to working with ReactJS, Redux, and React Router. I had encountered an issue where the page would not render the content properly and would show the error message instead. I was using a try...catchstatement in order to display things. It looked a little like:

try {
    <Provider store={store}>
} catch(error) {
  elem.innerHTML = "Welp, something went wrong...";

I kept only seeing the “Welp” message. This morning I found out it was because I was loading the Provider from the incorrect module. It was only react that I had typed instead of react-redux. I felt a little silly but I laughed at it.

I’ve been trying to laugh more about the little things like that instead of worrying or getting mad.

I’ve tried watching a few videos as well and they have helped some but I think that writing out the code helped more because it has helped with the muscle memory. My biggest issue right now is that I feel very everywhere. I can’t seem to focus on one window at a time. It’s only when I am reading that I can truly sit down and keep that focus going for more than five minutes.

As for the things I read, I did compile a small list of just a few things that did help me a bit more. I tried to start it at the beginning of the week and updated when I actually remembered to do it.

Things I read: