Life happens

Yes, late for this one. The last week was another slow one. I didn’t do a lot of reading, or researching of things.

I am actually pretty bummed by this one because it means that I didn’t reinforce the knowledge. I mean I can learn from it which is what I plan on doing. The next couple of days will be need to be heads down and somewhat glued to the laptop.

There are days when it feels like I struggle to find my rhythm and a lot of that does stem from not actually getting up when my alarm goes off.

One highlight might be that I changed themes and I used Photoshop to create the header for it. I smudged a random image I found via search and added a few other things. Made up of about eight layers in total. I wanted to add something else but I think I’ll save it for some other time or some other header.

One other thing to share would be I helped out somebody with their site by updating a few plugins and finding a fix for their page template. This helped solidify what it is that I really like to do and want to be doing.

The page template was a little painful to look over but the previous developer was nice enough to comment on the things they did. As it had turned out they were using query_posts()┬áto create a blog page. The theme made a mess of things but I can’t fully blame the theme since it was the developer who may have changed things around.

Will have to see what the rest of this week has in store for me.

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