The other day I finally managed to learn how to play Moonlight Sonata on the guitar. On my Flamenco guitar really. This was one song I wanted to learn years ago, I did and over time I plain forgot a lot – and by a lot I mean about ninety percent of the song. I could only really remember the first few lines and that was it.

The last couple of weeks I’ve made it a personal goal to relearn the song. A few days ago I finally managed to do so and I was happy about it. This morning I felt like recording it. Part of that reason is because when I first learned to play it I would play for my grandma. She would always tell me to record it so I can track my progress.

There are times I still do and of course a lot of those I keep to myself. Today I felt really more like sharing it because why not?

I know not the greatest playing in the world but it is mine and I will get better at it. The cool part is that it has also helped with the Flamenco playing.