The other day I began what is to be another random project to test things and get more familiar with how the WordPress editor scripts work. Really the editor in general now since a lot of that is now done with JavaScript and the ReactJS library. It also uses Redux and a lot of that now does make more sense to me.

I sill struggle with a few things but I know the more I use it the more it will make sense,

The other reason is so that I can share that on here so others can also learn from it. I know it really has been way too long since I posted any sort of resource or tutorial too. I need to get on that. It’s long overdue.

The hard part has just been finding the time to really look over the code and just randomly testing things on my local setup. I think part of that is also because it has changed a bit since the last time I really did that. Now I’m using an Ubuntu laptop and a Windows desktop. I still use my Apple laptop but not as much as I used to. I really only use that for Netflix and the occasional Amazon movie.

And random online courses or YouTube videos that I watch in order to learn more.