The other day as I was getting ready to clock out of my shift, I saw a question that really piqued my curiosity. It was a question I had seen before but didn’t really have a definitive answer and part of that was because it dealt with a framework I had read about.

The funny thing about this being that I don’t even recall the name of the framework now. There is a reason I like to know about those and it’s because frameworks are interesting to me. They help others in many different ways in not only building things but learning as well.

Obviously a good example here is WordPress. It has helped a lot of people in learning about PHP as well as CSS, JavaScript and perhaps other things along the way. For me it was learning code in general. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work and do things that relate to code. A lot of it being PHP.

The other reason I really wanted to dive back into frameworks is because I do want to see how others create these solutions and want to better understand the problem it does solve. In some cases it really does help the language progress. JavaScript is one example that comes to mind. Without jQuery a lot of the things that currently reside in vanilla JavaScript would not be around.

I don’t know, a big part of me is also a little hesitant since I do want to be doing a lot of other things as well. I still have a project that I never fully finished. I really should too. I think that’s what I’ll be doing over the coming weekend. Just take the entire day to finish building it out.