Re-installing things

The other day I installed Fedora 34 on my laptop so that meant having to redo all the things I had already done. The biggest change was that I didn’t install Steam or Docker. I may need to do that down the line again but for now it’s not really needed. Steam is not really a priority since I use my Windows 10 machine for that instead and my laptop is mostly for random projects I really want to learn from.

I did, however, have to re-install my Vim and powerline as well; I did also install tmux because I wanted to learn something new and a little different to me. The one thing I did want to venture more into was customizing the look of the terminal’s prompt and that’s where powerline comes into play here. It is nice knowing that I’m able to do that with a few files but I do want to be doing my own take on it. I was able to find a good start point and how that works as well from a tutorial I found. The cool part being is that it is fairly straight-forward to follow. It’s something even I could do.

The reason I’m posting about it is because I want to keep the momentum going in my motivation in doing more code related things. When I saw that it was dealing with Python code my little heart lit up and did a super happy dance. This was one thing I really wanted to do for some time so this will really be handy.

Now, the other reason I wanted to write this out was because I wanted to document one thing I did come across. When I installed tmux all the things were fine. Tried it out and had some fun learning some of the commands. Once I did that I went ahead and installed that on my work laptop. This was where things went a little wacky.

It was fun trying to troubleshoot my own screw up here.

Really. It was.

What ended up happening was when I updated and installed tmux (using brew) it had updated all the installed packages as well. The strange part being it had removed one which was actually needed for the yubikey I use for work. Yeah, not entirely sure why or how that really happened but it did. The other thing I noticed was that it broke my powerline installation since it was pointing to an older version of Python now. The funny part being that I forgot that I had originally installed powerline using pip3 so I kept getting an error because I kept forgetting the 3 at the end of the command.


It really was that simple to fix. Just adding a 3 to the command when I went to re-install powerline on my work laptop.

I’m definitely looking forward to making a more customized terminal prompt with some Python code. Now if I could only find a way to create time for all the other things I want to work on that would be great.

Reading about Actions

The other day I tweeted out that I was looking for articles on GitHub Actions. What I got was a list of resources that I still have not been able to read over just yet and part of the being that I just haven’t gotten around to really diving deep to those.

I will read those. I will.

I just need to really make the time to fully read and even try some of those things out.

You might be wondering why. Part of the reason is that I would love to be able to get back to reviewing themes but I also don’t want to be reading the same code from several years ago. And a lot of that code really hasn’t changed it’s just been the CSS and maybe how things get done.

The other thing is that I’ve been trying some online courses that I’m really hoping will pay off in the future when it comes to code.

Now, the reason I’m writing this out is so that I can get a list of starting resources. At least something to chip off the old list of things I wanted to get done this year.

The list follows:

Yeah quite a few code examples but the first one being the documentation from GitHub so that will be the first one to really go over. The next step for me will be creating a random repo and documenting my experience here.

It will be fun and a little painful but an overall great learning experience for sure.

Random tinkerings

The other day I started another random little project. I’m actually very excited about this one because I know that I will be using it from time to time. The other reason I’m happy is because it can be a useful one for others as well.

For quite some time I’ve been doing a lot of support related things and I love it. I do. There are moments when I feel a little out of touch or behind but that’s probably imposter me thinking. Anyway, from time to time I have to share or ask to share some information and at times it can be a thing like a password. Now, there are some services available in the wild but at work it doesn’t always mean it would be a good thing.

The thing on that is that using a 3rd-party system can be sort of a bad thing since you don’t have control of the data. This can mean maybe creating your own version of said thing. Well I did that. I took a repo ( PrivateBin ) and am slowly building out a site for what I hope to be mostly internal use.

It was a little to get things up and running at first because this was somewhat new to me. I had to dive into some of the code to see how things work, which I haven’t done in a really long time. That’s the one thing I really do like doing too. The other part is getting it all styled to the way I would like. That’s the part I’m really looking forward to the most now. I have an idea of what to do and use so I’ll have to look at how to handle that. I did see the code and do understand how it gets loaded too so this really will be fun for me.

And the other part is also that I’m trying to follow that mini community as well and other projects that I try out or have so far. The other day I even tinkered with Stage and Sage because I wanted to understand more of how the framework did things. It was super neat to see how all the things loaded and how it broke. Yes, I broke things along the way.

It was fun doing that.

This project so far has been pretty fun. I’ll have to keep that momentum going too if I really want to get this fully going. The next thing is getting the template going. Time to open up Photoshop and Illustrator now.

On self learning

For about the last 3 months or so I’ve been trying to learn something new to me or at least exploring it. One of the things I looked at first was the Go language. I did one of those free online courses to get an idea of how that works.

It was fun.

I actually liked learning about it and some of the basics. Learning some of the syntax was cool too. I know there is more to potentially learn too but that will be more down the line as well.

This time I went and looked a bit more into GraphQL because it really piqued my interest when learning Go. The line that really got me was, “A query language for your API.” It reminded me a lot of Redis and part of that is because it is agnostic.

It’s been really fun both reading and watching videos on those two languages so far. The hard part for now may just be actually using it somewhere. It’s great and all knowing something but when it comes to using it that is another thing.

I still haven’t fully finished the GraphQL course but am liking it so far. There were some moments where I spaced out and wasn’t paying attention so I know I’ll have to go back and re-watch one or two videos but I’m okay with that. A lot of it does make sense to me so I can’t wait to put that skill to use one day.

I think a lot of that is also since I’m not sure what I want to build out just yet so these things I’m wanting and trying to learn have been super fun for me. Don’t get me wrong it’s great that I can add that to my resume and skill set but for now it really has been sort of a hobby for me to look over a lot of those languages.

I think the coming months will be fun for me in learning not just languages but other things as well; I’m really wanting to read other things outside of code too.