There are a few folks who have known me for quite some time and know that I built a few keyboards. Recently I went and updated the firmware on my keyboard and it now uses Mario for the animation of the OLED screen that my keyboard uses. I am pretty happy with it even though I don’t really look at the screen all that often. The one thing I probably have to change is when the caps-lock is active since at the moment there is no real confirmation.

This was also only because it was a direct download of a file and a quick flash of the firmware from this post.

I do like that they’ve made it available as well and it’s super neat to have that on my keyboard now. I know it has been way too long since I posted anything here but that’s just me sort of ignoring things as of lately.


Longer than I care to really gander but I think you get the idea. I actually haven’t been doing a lot of WordPress things either and it does bum me out a little bit. It has been some code here and there but nothing that has really kept me totally motivated or encouraged. The one thing I did do was finally create a quick single use site with the help of PrivateBin and I know I should try to look at making it more custom but that’s for some other time really. I just wanted to get the site up and usable for internal work things.

I do know that I still have one or two more posts that I need to write out but I do need to get back into the swing of drafting, writing, and finally hitting that publish button.

One day.