Probably. To be honest this is one thing I did want to write out because it fascinates me. The subject being a random git guide. Well more of a tutorial that I wanted to write out. For some time I have been reading more and more about how git works and that’s been super great for me.

The reason I really want to do this is because this was one thing I noticed over the last few years. The biggest one being using git on the daily. I think the funny part for me being that I didn’t really use it as much as I would have liked. Yeah. I like being able to look at code nearly on the day and I like writing code as well. The last time I really did something like that was when I worked at Elegant Themes. I have to thank them for the experience as well for that.

Much like the other companies I worked at. I am fortunate in that I did get to experience the things I experienced. Many of those being chances to learn from so many people. Like many, many talented and smart people.

The guide I have in mind is more on how to deal with outdated WordPress core and using git. There are many people I know could possibly benefit from it too. I know that it is not super easy and in some cases super intuitive on what to do.

It’s true.

Even when I first started working with git it wasn’t super easy on day one. The more I did use it though the more it made a little more sense. Each day was a new chance to learn something and better hone that skill. Writing about it helps me more as well. It really has been far too long since I did look at WordPress core code too and for that I wish I could change it a little. I do know that I want to dive more on how the editor works because I want to contribute to it. This is a goal of mine.

A personal goal.

I’ve needed to do this for some time and I think I should start making some headway into that. One of the things I would like to begin with is updating my version of the repo and this might be a good way of getting a guide up as well. The really neat part about the guide I have in mind is that it could be adapted to almost any repo as well. I will have to make a note though.