The other day I was trying to get Django up and running on my site. Not this one but on a my top level domain. It did not work.

I failed.

The first thing I encountered was a permission issue. That was my bad because I didn’t spell the username correctly. Yeah, that happened. Once I got that sorted the rest of the steps were fairly easy to follow along.

The good part being that I was able to get a lot of the things to work it just didn’t find other things. The admin was giving a 404 error. So something might have been missed on my end. I wouldn’t be too shocked by that as I often do that when reading some of the docs the first time around.

What I do know is that I liked following those little guides and even more reading the code that makes up Django. The funny thing here is that I miss looking over Python code. It’s been a really long time since I looked at any of it. The last time I ever really dove into that was when it was 2.7 or something like that and that was because of some random thing I was trying to setup on Windows.

There hasn’t as much Python code in my life and a big part of me is a little sad by that. I like code, I like troubleshooting, and I like when I figure something out even more. I’m probably going to be doing more Python reading because I need to challenge myself here. I’ll most like try setting up another site on a subdomain because I want to be hurt.

I clearly like the pain.

All I know is that I really want to dive back into that.