Today I was able to set up my random playground subdomain and it’s using CloudFlare. The other day I was tinkering with it because I wanted to learn a little more. I had some issues here and there but I think that was in part because I was stressed for some reason.

There really have been a few things on my mind lately and I haven’t been able to fully focus on what I want to be doing. This morning I took a few deep breaths and did things over again.

I created the subdomain on my host. I added my domain to CloudFlare. Looked over the settings carefully and applied the needed ones. The subdomain took a little bit to fully propagate but when it finally did I was pretty ecstatic about it. The reason I was pretty happy about it was that I took a look at the response headers and saw the cfvalues that are added by CloudFlare. I may or may not have squeed and made a silly, goofy grin.

Yes, I was that happy.

The other part that was really great was I was able to get this blog to also be served via CloudFlare. I don’t need super crazy stuff so the fact that I could use it free for now is amazing. It really is perfect for a random hobby site or just for random experimentation which is what I really like doing.

The next step here will be getting that playground subdomain up and running with some random application because after all it is a playground for me to just tinker with.