Today I decided to try and install Django on my playground.


Not going to lie I did struggle a few times getting the admin to work but I was able to finally get it running. I’m pretty sure some of you may take a quick guess as to what happened but I’ll spare you the random and super, crazy long story here and tell you it was because I didn’t place a file in the correct directory.


It was that simple. The good part being I was able to login as well and even learned a few things along the way. I think the biggest one is that I do need to slow down a little bit when it comes to doing things. I get excited and read too fast so I sometimes miss a thing or two.

Django default administration for version 4.1.6 on a vanilla installation.

That was the admin screen. I was pretty happy to see that screen. It was a very welcome change from the previous 404 I kept encountering.

Default front page of Django application on a vanilla installation.

Even happier when I saw that on the front end of the site. Now to do more things with that site because it is powered by Python and Django and I am pretty giddy right about now.

Another small win for the week.