The other day I wanted to tinker more with Django and a local installation. I was able to copy things over but had a slightly frustrating issue when trying to install some of the dependencies. It was really annoying and a little flustering I guess because I felt like I would be getting no resolution or I would have to resort to using something else. Which is not ideal.

The first thing I did, of course, was look for a possible solution by searching the web for the specific error I was getting. There were quite a few that were fairly similar but not quite what I was experiencing. It happens. Not too shocked by that.

The good part being that I was able to finally get it all sorted out. It was a missing package. Because of course it was. The one I was missing was the python3-develpackage. The strange part being that I feel like it was installed at one point. Can’t recall if I removed it though so that’s probably what happened. The good news being I now have a working local installation of the Django playground site I created some time back.

Now to try and break it even more.