I’m going to be building another one. This next one will be a 60% keyboard and will be a Bluetooth one at that. I’ve probably mentioned it a few times before but this week I finally went ahead and ordered the switches I will be using for the build. They are tactile switches and this will be my first time using them too. In my previous builds I used linear switches so this is a little different; not only that my previous builds were 40% keyboards and I had one 65%build as well.

The switches are bluejays from MechWild, the same company I got my Mercutio keyboards. Yes, I did say keyboards. More than one. Two red ones and a purple one and all are still working too. I haven’t broken them at all. The upcoming one is the Waka and I’ll be using the Pillbug in order to make it a Bluetooth keyboard.

The one thing I’m most looking forward to is actually building out the firmware for it. I’ll be using ZMK for it because at the time of writing this out the Pillbug is supported. I have some experience in getting things to run but only on GitHub Actions so it will be super interesting and a little fun getting this to run locally. Besides the gist was just me messing around and seeing how things worked. It was pretty cool and I learned a little more too.

I do know that I will have to be reading more of the documentation on the ZMK site because I’m not super familiar with how it all works. Yet. That’s a lot of the fun part me besides diving into the code. The cool part being it’s written in C so I get to actually write code I’ve wanted to write in for a long time now.

Now it’s just a waiting game for things to arrive. I’ll definitely be posting things when I get all the parts in and hopefully get some of the code posted as well.