Okay, this is a funny thought I had the other day. I say that because quite some time back I wanted to learn how GitHub Actions worked so I started diving into the documentation. I began reading and trying a few things here and there. After some time it did finally click.

For some time I got somewhat familiar and comfortable with it. The reason being was that I got to use it almost on the weekly. The thing I do like about it is that it can be a sort of set it and forget it type of thing. I say that because it will vary based on what you are looking to do. Not all repos will have the same workflow or have the same requirements. That will always vary.

That is some history on how I learned. Super simple but that’s what happened. I wanted to learn so I read and took some action on it. The last thing that is left is sharing that knowledge, right? For some folks, that is how they learn. It’s the same for me. I have to read things, do them, and then share or even educate somebody else on it.

The really cool part here is that because I wanted to learn this I now am more familiar and have more knowledge that I can pass on to the team.

The team

Yes, the team I am a part of. At my last company I did a series of small talks, almost like lightning talks, but for things we learned and would like to share. The really cool part was that we got several people outside of the support team also wanting to share things with us.

I love that.

The thing too is that we learned more about it while sharing and discussing what had been shared too. A lot of the time it was a solution for work that had helped resolve a customer issue. A tool they learned or even a command or two that went unexplored. I know I learned a few things from it too.

This is also part of the reason I am now doing the same thing at my current role. The one presentation I’ll be doing is on GitHub Actions. Why? Because it is something that I actually liked while learning about CI/CD workflows and some Devops.

The reason I’m looking forward to it is that I am trying to make it relate to not only the team but to other workflow providers. Circle CI is one that I’ve seen a few times as well and even Bitbucket Pipelines. I think I’ve only seen a handful of people use GitLab Pipelines so it will be fun to share what I’ve learned.

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing with the team too.


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