Making some progress

I am slowly making some progress in my site’s theme and I could not be any happier. Every last line of code is helping my understand how to properly implement my site. This week has been really productive for me. There are a few things that I still need to finish as far a images but that should really only take me all but a few hours at most.

I think that the biggest thing will be drawing all the elements that I want and creating them digitally. It has been some time since I have done this but I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to do it. All in good time, right?

As of lately I have read more and more about how WordPress creates elements dynamically and I am slowly starting to understand how to code properly. Making a website that is HTML5 valid can be a bit of a pain in that there are a few new elements that may not be fully supported by all the browsers. So that means that I have to think about who my audience is going to be or is for the site. True that more and more sites are slowly beginning to be HTML5 based so that means it is slowly becoming the new standard.

In the following year I will try to post my random web observations and some of the knowledge I get from it. I really want to get the most out of all my readings so that means that I will be doing a lot of tutorial reading and maybe one day I will post a tutorial of my own. Well, I know that I will it’s just going to be a matter of what the subject will be about. Either that or I will be posting more and more photos of the progress I am making with my site redesign. I know that I will be taking a small page from all the readings I have done over the years so my site will be with the type/content in mind and that will be the main focus.

There really are a lot of things that are on my mind and I need to find a way to let them out. Thankfully this blog has helped me clear my head of a lot of things and has helped me be a tad more creative. My next steps are to keep it up, draw on a daily basis and read more and more about the subjects that compel me. Primarily type and, now as of lately, anything web related. I shall try to post my random findings and comment about it as well.

My days off

Having days off has been really good for me. I feel so much happier now that I can get more things done on my days off. A good example of all of this is the fact that I have been able to finish my friend’s site and keep wanting to add more and more to test my knowledge and ability of the web.

This week has been amazing in that I rediscovered my love for text and that urge to finish what I start. I think my personal blog’s layout and design will be able to look the way I want it too finally. The next step will be trying to find my sketch pads and pencils so that I can start the drawing process of my site and the other sites that I have lined up for me.

This idea that I have for my personal blog will be a fun one because it will be my first major WordPress theme. I know that I want to create one to submit so that other people will use my theme. As some people would say: bragging rights. This will give me more confidence and more knowledge about coding template files because the next site I want to finish deals with .tpl files when it comes to styling and I have never really dealt with these just yet but I should be able to take on this task if I truly put my mind on it.

These last two weeks have flown by and I have managed to get a lot accomplished. The biggest challenge will be finding the fonts to use on not only my site but for future sites as well. All I know is that it will be a fun process.

Theme ideas

So, I have been working and messing with WordPress a lot these past few days and I have been falling more and more in love with it the more and more I use it and code with it.

There are so many possibilities to making a website with WordPress and I am slowly getting more and more comfortable with how WordPress works and how all the code interacts with all the pages. I am slowly building up my confidence to making my personal site redesign and I feel like it will be a great look overall.

I am also slowly beginning to understand how it all works and I feel more and more comfortable with how I will create my new look of my personal blog. The next stage will be in creating the look of the shop side of the site I want to create. This is going to be a little more challenging but I know that I will gain a lot more knowledge on how to properly code for the web.

The only reason I feel that it will be challenging is because I have never really taken on such a huge endeavor before. The next site will be more rewarding because I will be working with how template files work with PHP. The site I will be working on will be a jewelry site for a friend and I have this vision of what the store should look like for her but the application of it all will be a little hard. Trying to find information on the system that I want to use is a little difficult but I know that if I find a good source I will be able to achieve the end result I have envisioned.

There are so many steps that I have taken over the last year but I think that all of them have been really good for what I want to be doing in the near future. I feel more and more confident and feel really happy about career path I have chosen. The only thing that will be hard will be finding the funds so I can stay in school for my Bachelors degree although I am tempted to read more about getting a diploma on specific things so I can update my resume.