Category: Random

  • Indecisiveness

    There are a lot of things that I do think about. One of which is how I want to present the content on this site. Some days I just like to write those out and it leads to other random things.

  • Projects on hold

    Not long ago I posted about by small widget: Random project It felt good. I’ve been slowly working on random things here and there but never really bothered with actually sharing them. I’ve gotten a little better at it ever since I began using the latest version of core and the Twenty Sixteen theme. Yes: […]

  • Making a little music

    I’ve been meaning to post an audio file for some time and today I got the nerve to get down and dirty with some settings. I have to say I am super happy with the sound since it’s been far too long since I dabbled with any type of audio. The last time I did […]