Category: WordPress

  • Working with paginate_links

    It is no secret that I try to advocate the use of core functions when possible. The idea of maintaining less code is a great one for any developer. It’s the old set it and forget mentality. What I do see a lot of is the use of my_theme_pagination that uses get_pagenum_link in order to get…

  • Another template hierarchy post

    Theme development does have a learning curve. There are hooks, filters, core features, and core functionalities that you can learn to leverage. The customizer, custom backgrounds, widgetized areas, and the template hierarchy are a few things to learn about.

  • Three sliders, one option, and a few tears later

    I am not a huge fan of sliders until they are used in a decent way. The only way I sort of like them is in an image gallery but even then it has to be somewhat incorporated with a lightbox, colorbox, whatever you would like to call it. These sliders are slowly becoming a…

  • One theme reviewers point of view

    Conducting WordPress theme reviews can be a great way to contribute. Some people love it, some hate it, and others tend to watch from the sidelines. This is a glimpse of what three years and over two thousand theme reviews may look like for those that also want to contribute.

  • Why theme documentation matters

    So, you have a theme in the WordPress repository and have some documentation but you only have the basic information. How can you improve upon that?

  • WordPress Static Front Page

    Setting up a front page is hard. So many things to think. Do you want a page of your latest writings to be what a visitor first encounters or do you want a static page? Perhaps a unique template so as to differentiate between the rest of the site?

  • The case for no upsell

    Today I ran into a bit of an internal debate. This is something that has driven me crazy for the longest time and this time I’m speaking about it. Having an “upsell” theme in the WordPress theme repository. Quite frankly, I’m tired of it. Not only is it more code to look over but an…

  • Child themes are good

    Creating a child theme can go a long way. Not only can you make some minor changes but you can also extend and create more without having to lose those alterations when the parent theme gets updated.

  • Random project

    A long time ago I created a decent and somewhat quick plugin for personal use. All it does is display a link to a custom post type. Right? Super simple. I wanted to show my latest downloads without having to create an entire theme or child theme so I opted to use a widget container…

  • Testing the waters

    A few days ago I tweeted something that caught my eye: Now that is cool! — Jose Castaneda (@joemcasta) September 2, 2015 It was a post on the Make WordPress Core blog. I had seen the ticket a few days ago but didn’t really pay much attention to it. Until I saw the post.…