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  • The quarrel for theme content

    If you follow the theme review you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t let me give you brief glimpse of what I am going to talk about. For as long as I can remember being in the review team, there has been an issue of themes not being allowed to do certain things. […]

  • Why theme documentation matters

    So, you have a theme in the WordPress repository and have some documentation but you only have the basic information. How can you improve upon that?

  • Temporary look change

    Yes. Until the end of the year this site will be rocking the 2016 default theme that is under construction. Yes, you read it right. It looks vastly different from the last theme. I may switch it out after the new year but until then, this will be the look. Next steps Down the line […]

  • What makes a good WordPress theme

    I’ve been reviewing themes for quite some time and over the course I’ve learned a lot about the good parts, the bad parts, and the in betweens. All these themes have a few things in common. What I like to call guiding principles. I think of them much like I do the principles of design; […]

  • Working with the WordPress Customizer

    Recently the Theme Review Team chose to make the customizer as the format of creating theme options. I love it! Yes, I was in favor of it. I have my reasons. I know there are some people that still don’t fully grasp the customizer and most likely won’t. All good! Some take a little more […]

  • My gripe with widgets

    Yes, I don’t like widgets. Okay that is not entirely true because I am using a few but it’s not what I’m referring to. What I’m referring to is when themes include widgets. Themes that include widgets for contact forms, testimonials, group -or team- members of a company. Dare I say it? Newsletter widget. Cue dramatic […]

  • Why a theme’s changelog is important

    Having some history is a good thing and knowing what changes were made and why is even better. That is one of the reasons that I love seeing a changelog when I look in a theme’s folder. Supposing they have one. Not all themes are created equal It’s true. When I speak of themes I generally refer to […]

  • Keeping count of reviews

    I hate posting this but I have to do it; sort of a status check for myself. To see where I stand and where I can be better. We all do it. I choose to do it publicly. I can’t recall when I said I wanted to have my review count to be at 500 […]

  • Regenerate all the things!

    So, I’ve been dabbling with WordPress for some time and I have loved every bit of it. I even helped a few people along the way. Learned many things and met and talked to many more. Every day I do feel like I am learning something new. Whether that is how to enqueue a certain […]