• Never fail

    I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Thomas A. Edison

  • Archive widget at a glance

    Today I put the finishing touches to my customized archives widget. While I am tempted to submit it to the WordPress plugin repository I will hold off for a little bit. The reason: I’m not quite ready. That will usually be my excuse. Enough of that on to the code! The issue I love using archives […]

  • WordPress 3.6 in April

    The most recent version of WordPress got delayed but I feel it is for the good. The reason this time is because the features are not quite the way the community would like. There are some minor issues but will be fixed within the time span. The reason I’m pretty pumped about this next major […]

  • Displaying the gallery count and the images

    Sometime last week I had an idea that finally managed to come alive. More and more I have been getting more and more ideas when it comes to creating WordPress themes. The most recent one being a theme that – much like twenty-thirteen does – showcases post formats. I still have to work with audio, […]

  • Regular Expressions and I

    The last two days have been a little weird for me since I’ve had this idea on how I want my image galleries to look like in the front page and I have yet to find the right solution. I’ve had to resort to using what I’ve never really tried exploring just yet: Regular Expressions. […]

  • Working with mobile first mentality

    This has been the biggest issue for some time now. How I want to execute it. All one stylesheet or separate ones and have the server load it depending on what it is given. Each one has its own drawbacks and perks to it. Reading about mobile design these last three days has slowly opened […]

  • Twenty-thirteen in April

    At least that is the plan from the development blog on core. I updated my trunk version on my desktop which I use primarily for testing and will be using for all my theme and plugin development needs. The one thing that just about everybody noticed from the get-go was the color usage. Vibrant and […]

  • I hate not finding the right documentation

    I really do. Recently I was trying to see if I could help anybody out with their WordPress questions and came across the sub-forum of localhost installs. I figure why not? I once had issues trying to figure out why I couldn’t see the pages. The issue that was on the plate was a server […]

  • New ideas and learning from them

    One day while at work I was talking to one of the girls and brought up the fact that I love to mess around with WordPress. She was delighted to hear that because she was starting a personal blog for her child’s milestones. She was on the lookout for a good theme for her newly […]

  • Recent Trends

    I call them trends some might call it practice. I think both are fairly close to one another but practice is more the term I should be using since I am referring to code. What makes for a practice? Especially when it comes to programming? Who decides and says a certain way is good? Yeah […]