• Always a work in progress

    Yesterday I was able to change out the theme to this site. I spent most of the day just fiddling and trying to get things to just work. I took a theme from the free repository and scrapped a lot the unused files. Yeah. There were quite a few that I didn’t really need. Many […]

  • Random spring cleaning

    Today I spent some time on the support forums answering some questions and just trying to help some people out. I also cleaned things up a little bit on this site. The one thing I did was clear out random tables from the database and just tinkered with other things along the way. I was […]

  • Darn command line

    I don’t remember when I did this but I did find it a little funny. I wanted to install SVN on my Windows machine because I clearly like to torture myself. Right? Okay, but really. I wanted to install it because WordPress is still using it for now. I do think it is a good […]

  • Extra or missing characters

    The other day I was tinkering with a random test site and was driven to near madness. Why? I kept forgetting to add the ending semicolon. Every single time. It wasn’t that I would miss the key stroke it was that I just legit didn’t press the thing. I spent a minute or two every […]

  • Diving back to frameworks

    The other day as I was getting ready to clock out of my shift, I saw a question that really piqued my curiosity. It was a question I had seen before but didn’t really have a definitive answer and part of that was because it dealt with a framework I had read about. The funny […]

  • Editing and creating

    I have been using Gutenberg since it was announced. I haven’t honestly typed a lot with it in the last year unfortunately. Again, it has boiled down to time. I haven’t put that time aside to create posts here. I just haven’t. I do need to change that and I hope I can pretty soon […]

  • Too many ideas

    Here is the deal, I’ve been reviewing themes for quite some time and I really haven’t made one for myself. I’ve made a child theme for this site but that’s about it. It’s nothing super fancy but I know that I could do more. The biggest reason at the moment is that I really haven’t […]

  • Extended learning

    I’m really bad at updating this site. I know. A lot of it being I just haven’t been able to really jot things down here. Over the years I’ve posted several things. Many were to keep track of things I learned. There were some that were possibly random. Again, I learned from that. As this […]

  • Local woes

    This morning I woke up like I usually do around 4:15. Actually got out of bed like ten minutes later. Went to my desktop and when I went to log back in I saw that everything was somewhat reset. Turns out there was an update that had been run. Now, I don’t mind those but […]

  • Brain farts and code

    As some of you know I like to read and I like to read code. I also like to read about code. The other day it hit me that I haven’t done a full theme review in a long time. It made me a little sad. I do miss that. There is a partial reason […]