• Breaking things

    The other day I decided to try and update all the things on my laptop. Let’s just say it was some fun. I say that because I am running Ubuntu on my laptop. I changed it so it is always running the latest version. Even for latest releases. When the laptop was running Bionic Beaver […]

  • On JavaScript things

    The other day I began what is to be another random project to test things and get more familiar with how the WordPress editor scripts work. Really the editor in general now since a lot of that is now done with JavaScript and the ReactJS library. It also uses Redux and a lot of that […]

  • One more song

    The other day I finally managed to learn how to play Moonlight Sonata on the guitar. On my Flamenco guitar really. This was one song I wanted to learn years ago, I did and over time I plain forgot a lot – and by a lot I mean about ninety percent of the song. I […]

  • Random music playing

    There are two reasons I’m posting it here. The first one is because on the random blog I don’t really share audio or video and second is because I am more than happy to share those files if asked and having it here just makes it easier for me With that being said, today I […]

  • I do not always Git it

    I learned Git on my own by reading random answers on StackExchange and other places; some random articles here and there and a lot of that so I can learn how to make branches, revert things, and just plain learn. Some things have stuck with me more than others but it is partially because I […]

  • In need of reading things

    I love to read random programing books and articles. The other day I read a tweet that recommended some nine books if you were into programming and I felt like I had seen two of those books mentioned when it comes to learning about code. One of which was Clean Code. I’ve been wanting to […]

  • My WordCamp experience

    A small recap of WordCamp Sacramento 2018 and some thoughts about next year.

  • Contact forms are odd

    On my site I have two forms. One is just a random one I created and the other is a contact form used for – you guessed it – contacting me. Over time I’ve gotten a few random ones that make me laugh only because of the content they contained. The ones that really made […]

  • Core lessons

    Reflecting back on things for the week and realizing that JavaScript has this super strange hold on me; not sure if that is a good thing or bad.

  • Trial and plenty of errors

    Another week. Summarizing things and writing is getting to be a good thing for me.