I am a WordPress fanatic, theme reviewer, father, husband and life-lesson learner. I love to learn new things and love to share those lessons. I love working on open-source projects when I can and try to give back when I am able to. My github profile has some random things and projects that I’ve contributed to as well as created.

I am self-taught in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. I want to learn more about MySQL, Ruby, and many other languages. Learning is a great thing and I am always curious about new things.

I love art, design, and typography. If I’m not helping on the WordPress.org forums, WordPress.com forums or reviewing a theme you will most likely find me on Twitter or Facebook

Long overdue update

Yes, very super delayed post and I don't know what to really say about it all. To be honest I barely even remember making this post and it was set to draft initially. I think I might have published it and then changed it later on. Anyway. The last several weeks have...

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Something, something update

Yeah, I know, I know. It has been several weeks since I posted on here but I have good reasons. I do. I swear. Yes, a lot has happened since I last posted on here. I know. I am trying to get better at...

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Week nine

As I have been doing the last couple of weeks, I have been getting more and more time using only the command line. It hasn't been the easiest thing in the world but I am getting more confident that I won't break things when I use the command line. I did run into a...

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Week Eight

Okay, sort of back on track with this thing. For the most part. This week I really tried hard to do all things in the command line. I did learn how to go to a specific line but still have to look it up from time to time. I at least remember how to exit the editor both...

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Week five, six, and seven

Okay, super late and just combined to make it a little easier. I hope. Been working a lot on retaining knowledge learned. Some days have been easier than others. One thing that I have made progress on is getting more comfortable using the command line. At least when...

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Week Four

Okay, week four and I'm still trying to use this new editor. One thing I have been noticing is the loading of the sidebar. Some of the little modules load rather quick and some take a little longer. The one that does appear to take a little longer is the Categories &...

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Before reaching out

Before reaching out to me, please be sure it is not for the following reasons:

  • Forum Support
  • Theme Review
  • Custom plugin
  • Custom theme

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