• Parenthood – The journey begins

    Parenthood is a never-ending journey and every day is a new adventure into making mistakes while trying to keep some sanity. Parenthood has no rules, guidelines or even a reference guide but it is still a great thing to be a part of. I entered upon this journey on June 7. Okay not entirely but that was the day my little boy, Salvador, was born so I will count that as the actual day the journey began. I will add more and more pages as time goes on and I get time to share these little life lessons.

  • Random update on here

    It has really, really been a long, long time since I put out anything on this site or blog or whatever. I haven’t forgotten about it, I swear. I just don’t really think about things as much as I used to. Recently I did work with GitHub Actions and did learn a little more on […]

  • Re-installing things

    The other day I installed Fedora 34 on my laptop so that meant having to redo all the things I had already done. The biggest change was that I didn’t install Steam or Docker. I may need to do that down the line again but for now it’s not really needed. Steam is not really […]

  • Reading about Actions

    The other day I tweeted out that I was looking for articles on GitHub Actions. What I got was a list of resources that I still have not been able to read over just yet and part of the being that I just haven’t gotten around to really diving deep to those. I will read […]

  • Random tinkerings

    The other day I started another random little project. I’m actually very excited about this one because I know that I will be using it from time to time. The other reason I’m happy is because it can be a useful one for others as well. For quite some time I’ve been doing a lot […]

  • On self learning

    For about the last 3 months or so I’ve been trying to learn something new to me or at least exploring it. One of the things I looked at first was the Go language. I did one of those free online courses to get an idea of how that works. It was fun. I actually […]

  • Using MySQL on here

    Today I went to try and clean things up a little bit since I haven’t really done that in some time. At least it feels that way to me. I looked at the comments and realized there were some in the trash. I didn’t think much of it since you know it’s just trash. There […]

  • On learning languages

    The other day I wanted to start a new project, experiment thing to to learn how something worked. I got totally distracted and forgot what I wanted to work on. This seems to happen more and more lately too since there are so many things I really want to learn. I get so distracted with […]

  • Temp theme

    The other day I swapped out the theme here because the upcoming Twenty Twenty One theme was introduced. It is still being developed and worked on so that means I do expect some of the things on here to break. I’m used to things breaking though. For those who do want to either follow along […]

  • Reading other things

    The other day I was trying to understand something and began to search the web. This lead me to a random rabbit hole because isn’t that usually the case with a lot of things too? The thing I wanted to understand more was MySQL because there are things I know I don’t really know. I […]

  • Indecisiveness

    There are a lot of things that I do think about. One of which is how I want to present the content on this site. Some days I just like to write those out and it leads to other random things.