The other day I got a package in the mail. It was a box containing some keyboard PCBs that I had been waiting on for a few months. Okay, it was one that I was really waiting on but I got a total of 3. The one I really was looking forward to was the Fanta Manta because it was a board that I helped pay to have made. To be honest I only wanted to help the creator get a project off the ground. In return I got a few PCBs out of it.

This morning I ordered the parts to complete two of the boards. I had the parts for the Fanta and to be honest I had forgotten to get the extra parts for the other two. Mostly since I for some reason thought I was getting two boards.

The two fun parts are going to be soldering the parts and then actually building out the firmware for them. I say that because I know there will come a point when I realize I missed a key or two. This is very much the case for my waka that I built out last time. I still have to update my keys because I missed the pipe key in my layout. I should probably get to that at one point.

The good part is I do have a starting point for the firmware so it should be fairly easy to compile once I get going.

I wound up ordering some micro controllers, switches, and some keycaps. The one thing I will most likely need to get more of is diodes because I know for certain I will run out. I only have about 100 of them and between the three boards it will need more than that. When I finally decide to build out the last one I’ll order more though.

I can’t wait to build them all out though so this will be fun.


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