The other day I finished another module for a networking course I started. Yeah, I started another course. I like to learn things. This was actually a course I started last year. I never got around to really finishing it but these last two weeks I decided I need to complete the course.

The course was from Juniper Networks. It was, of course, a free one that I enrolled in. To be honest it really was pretty useful. I did learn a few things and got a slight refresher on others. They do have a few other courses but I need to figure out what I want to take on next.

I want to learn more about networking but it’s because I want to understand it and not so much master it. I’ll leave that for others. I want to know why something happens and how to diagnose and troubleshoot. For some reason I have always felt this was my biggest hurdle and I need to get over that. It’s really not. I know I’m capable of learning it. I just have to remind myself to complete it.

I’ve been looking around at a few other places to get more ideas of the types of courses available. I’ll need to find one that potentially matches my learning style. Some reading and some hands on.

I’ll eventually find something and probably write about it here.