As I mentioned in my last post, I finally moved this site over to Digital Ocean hosting because Dreamhost was just getting too expensive for my liking. It was more than I would care to spend for a super simple blog site. I also don’t want to be spending any more than I probably should and I also learn something along the way.

Some time back I took a quick screenshot of how things performed on Dreamhost when looking at the admin screen. The following is a quick overview of just the page cache and response.

You can see the server response is not super terrible by any means but it is not ideal. Today I wanted to see what changed and how much of a possible improvement was made by making the switch to Digital Ocean.

The Digital Ocean server is much faster and I like that. It does make it so the pages are able to load faster as well which is super great for traffic. For all the little bots that randomly visit the site. I’ll probably look at getting other metrics but to be honest I don’t look at those and haven’t in over 5 years. I actually forgot how to set that up on Google as well since that’s what I used for some time.

Oh well. I’ll probably get back to that at one point but for now I’ll keep fiddling around with random settings and will probably set reminders to update the machine on a regular. This has been fun so far though.