Today I went and update my site to use Digital Ocean and I have to say it took me a bit to fully up and running again. Part of that reason being that I had to install an SSL certificate which I had never done. I did encounter an error a few times and had to go back and forth a little bit with DNS settings as well but I was able to get things to finally work.

To be honest I’m happy I was able to make the change over. I think for now I’ll update the contact form so it isn’t available because I don’t want that to be public. I’m okay with that.

I’ll need to make some changes to email stuff too but I’m okay with not having a personal domain for email reasons.

I like that I was able to do handle this on my own too. I will have to set a reminder for updating the certificate though once that time comes.

For now, I’ll stick to randomly posting when I do remember as well. It’s been nice just getting my thoughts out as well and this was always for that when it came to developer stuff. Maybe one of these days I’ll get back to doing more code stuff as well and probably post some of that.