So today I start the process of moving my site over to Digital Ocean. One hour in and I broke the admin and site because I deleted a record for the database. The way it worked was by allowing traffic, or access, from an allow list. This was not the first time this has happened either. I had it happen some time back when I was trying to get Cloudflare setup I think.

I also had to add my IP because it was updated recently in order to get the database. The good part being that I was able to get it downloaded and uploaded to the new location.

The uploads from this server have also been moved over and the next few steps will be importing the database to the new server, updating DNS on Cloudflare and then getting mail to somehow work again. So that means essentially removing the contact form. Though to be quite honest here I think I may just do away with that. I have no actual use for it and don’t like it much either. I may remove it once it’s all moved to the new server. It is just a page and I can change my mind down the line as well. It’s not a permanent thing.

This will be fun since I don’t have major distractions and can really do this at my own pace.