Today I went and removed the playground subdomain from Dreamhost. Main reason being that Dreamhost is doing away with Passenger on some of the plans. I will say it was nice to be able to use it when I could and did learn a little bit from it. To be honest, I’m not mad about that decision because I totally understand the reason for making that move. I get it.

I think that was really more overdue on my end as well since that really went totally unused after so long. The good part is that I know how to test things locally now and can get things setup for when I do.

This also gives me a little more motivation on finally migrating the site to Digital Ocean. I think I may actually do that in the coming weeks since I did request some time off. I’ll get all the files moved over and then I can deal with the email stuff when I finally do.

This is actually something I am looking forward to now because it will be the first time that I do take some time to me. I haven’t really done that in a really long time so this is going to be good for me.