The other day I was walking around IKEA and came across some super neat looking mirrors. The reason this caught my attention was because we were looking for a possible vanity replacement. Then the idea of having a smart mirror popped up and hasn’t left since. I began looking at some prior videos I had seen to get an idea of what I would need.

Yeah, I have looked this up before and still want to do this project too. The one thing I have been looking into so far is the board I want to be using. There are quite a few selections available out there too that could potentially do this but the one that keeps showing up more often is a Raspberry Pi. I have one already that I bought years ago but haven’t really used since. I do want to experiment with something other than a Pi because I like the challenge.

Okay, who am I kidding, I like it when things break because it’s a chance to see how it does work. The ones I’ve been leaning on is using an Orange Pi or a Libre Computer because I don’t need something that’s super powerful to make this work. I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on a giant piece of glass that I know won’t be used a lot. I also will need a monitor that will be used which in all honesty not sure what would be a good size.

I’ll have to revisit this idea later this year though. I do want to make something with a single board computer though; I just need to figure out what would a good thing.