Today I managed to get my Chromebook setup to use QMK. This has been a great ordeal. Okay, not really but I did have to read a few things in order to actually get it all running. The good part is that it is running so I don’t have to do much now.

Some people are probably wondering why this is important. The main reason is that this will be used in order to create the firmware for the keyboards I’ll be building out. Without this tool I can’t do a whole lot but I’m sure I could find a way to get something going. Not well but something. I could try using something else like ZMK but I don’t know that one all too well either. I only ever used it for when I made the firmware for my Waka60.

I had to use ZMK for that because it was Bluetooth. These boards I will be building don’t have that and to be honest I don’t really need that at the moment either.

The thing I do like about QMK is that it does provide a quick little command that can be used in order to get some basic troubleshooting as well. Great for when you need to reach out to the community on why something isn’t working as expected.

The thing some people may notice is that I am running Ubuntu 23.10 which is a choice I made because it does have at the very least Linux kernel 6.5 and works for my Chromebook. I did think about installing some other Linux distros as but to be honest, I don’t like waiting for a download and then installing things takes time. Then you have to account for configurations and possible adjustments that would need to be made based on desktop environment the Linux distribution is using.

Now will be trying to get my Fanta actually soldered together. I should try to get some photos of that process but to be honest I have a feeling I”ll forget to do that. It would also mean me getting my tripod and camera setup and I don’t want to do all of that. Maybe do a small setup with my phone though. We’ll see, I guess. That day is looming though and I want to at least try to use a keyboard with only 32 keys.

The next project should be fun though and I say that because I will be looking to make something with the extra Pi pico. I will need to look for more project ideas for that one and what I need.

All in little steps for now. Next stage is at least set for the keyboards.