Today I went and updated my Chromebook’s kernel version to 6.7.10 because I wanted to see if anything would break. Pretty sure nothing did and I’m glad I was able to get it updated. I really don’t know why I want to look over and test different kernels but to be honest I think it’s because I am trying to find another distraction. Or another reason to be looking over code again.

I tried to follow a tutorial and I can’t recall what site I used but it was okay in getting it updated. I was running kernel 6.5.0 before running it too and then was able to update to 6.7.0 without anything breaking. I then found a random YouTube video that got showed how to install mainline. The funny part here is that I could have done all of that without the video but I didn’t bother doing too much research on that. I merely wanted to update the kernel to see if it would work.

The thing will be remembering to check it from time to time. Just like I need to remember when to check the certificate for the site.

The good part is that installing mainline is super easy and only really needed 3 commands on the terminal. The thing that confused me the first time I used Budgie was the name of the terminal used. It is called Tilix


But the commands are:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install mainline

It really was that easy. I was a little surprised I didn’t just do that first but I’m glad I used a different method first because I like getting more familiar as many terminal commands as I can.

Now I just need to figure how to work with Neovim more because it looked interesting. I liked working with Vim when I could so making the switch should be fairly simple. It will take some time to get the configuration I like though.

The good part being that I didn’t break the Chromebook while updating and that is what really matters to me right now. I really didn’t want to be installing either another Linux distribution or having to re-install the one I am now using.

I will say I do like it so far because it doesn’t use up a lot of the battery life and that’s fairly key for my use case. Editing files will be nice and not having to be either plugged in or waiting to charge is very nice. I like not having to worry about that.

I guess I could try updating to a more recent kernel too in order to see how that goes but I’ll probably do that some other time. For now I’ll try and read the docs on Neovim and setting that up for me.