I know last week I mentioned I was going to be trying out some applications for desktop blogging.

Indirectly, I guess.

But yeah, I will be doing that. Those posts will be on my random blog because this experiment is not really for me. I’m super comfortable on the browser and like having a bit more control over things. Even more so when trying to do a random tutorial, or resource, or just a code snippet I found worth sharing.


The week is of course filled with those little errors and a few trials. A lot of focus on getting my resume updated. I created a page on this site to make things easier for me in the long run. You can ask me about it if you’re really interested. No reason to really share it this way.

Other things

The thing that has been really driving me crazy for the better part of the week is that I really want to create something.

Well, I want to fix something. I just don’t know what project. I am really liking the way Gutenberg is slowly starting to take shape but there are, and will be, some issues here and there. I may look into this more since I know it will be a huge win for me personally.

I know that I need to draw more too so this needs to happen at least once a week.

Code related

I’ve been a little discouraged this week when it comes to reading about code. A lot of that is because I like solving issues. During the week I tweeted out something that I think I want to work on:

I like using GitHub until it comes to seeing notifications.

it would be sort of nice to filter out some of those— Jose Castaneda (@joemcasta) August 23, 2018

What I was thinking of doing was create a small Tampermonkey script that has two buttons. One that toggles the issue notifications and the other toggles the pull request notifications. Only reason is when I go and check to see what kind they get mixed in together. 

I may get a little fancier by choosing to filter between open and closed issue notifications though. I had to look at the DOM markup that is on a page and this helped me out. First I just have to get a decent looking UI for it.