The other day I wanted to dive back to doing random Python code because it’s been so long since I’ve looked over any of it and because I had a random subdomain that I setup to use Django to tinker with. That didn’t last very long.

I tried to update the project only break a lot of the styling which to be completely honest here I’m okay with that. As it’s only my personal sandbox that it resides on. I do want to actually figure it out as well because I do want to know what it was that I did wrong. I feel like it was because I just up and updated all the things rather than one at a time.

I do need to figure out what I do want to actually do with that in order to better my skills. Python code was one of the things I wanted to learn on a deeper level too when I was younger but never got a chance to tackle. A big part of that being that I feel like if I use it as a hobby most other things will sort of fade away. I know that’s not entirely true since I will sometimes still pop in the WordPress forums to answer a question or moderate some of the comments in threads.

Looking over code is one thing I loved doing but haven’t done so in quite some time too. The most code I do look over now is maybe some simple snippets of JavaScript which I’m fine with but I do feel like I want to be challenged a little bit.

It’s been a little difficult for me the last couple of weeks too. I need to find my passion project or something that will force me to use Python more too. I want to find an online course; I think that’s part of it too. I need to feel like I’m learning more. I loved reading and doing some of the practice stuff as well when I was doing some of the random courses as well.

Maybe in the coming days I’ll remember to look a little more.