Recent Trends

I call them trends some might call it practice. I think both are fairly close to one another but practice is more the term I should be using since I am referring to code. What makes for a practice? Especially when it comes to programming? Who decides and says a certain way is good? Yeah… Continue reading Recent Trends

Learning with practice

The progress of my theme is decent. I have been learning how to work with Git and SVN more and more. I did recently have a little conversation with @ipstenuĀ on Twitter about learning version control. Yes, I am still learning how to harness the power of simple commits and getting the hang of how to… Continue reading Learning with practice

Me, WordPress and Template tags

Recently I have been working more diligently on putting some finishing touches on my personal blog’s theme. Working on a local machine is so much easier now that I understand how it works. I remember when I started out with PHP it was painful. I got frustrated because I didn’t know where the files had… Continue reading Me, WordPress and Template tags

TortoiseSVN – version control status

More and more I have coded the theme for my site and more and more I beginning to understand how TortoiseSVN works. Version control has been good to me so far. Every bit of testing I do helps to program my brain to register and understand better. A good example is a quick little snippet… Continue reading TortoiseSVN – version control status

Code – Functions

Recently I was perusing the WordPress support forums in hopes to use some of my newly gained knowledge to help others that are learning just like me. I came across a thread that made me laugh a little bit. It was a practice I’ve never really seen and I think should be avoided; at least… Continue reading Code – Functions