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  • A small primer on theme mods

    Oh, the many things I encounter while doing reviews is amazing. One of the reasons I love contributing to the review team is to get a better understanding of how WordPress at its core works and it is because of this I feel like there are some things that still are not being mentioned or […]

  • A metabox for your layout options

    It’s no surprise I can be vocal when I am reviewing a theme. Many know that I’ll spurt out what I end up seeing in a lot of themes. There is one thing that really does drive me crazy though and that is when people copy and paste code to their theme without actually knowing […]

  • Creating a diff file

    The other day I made a quick video on how to create PHPCS reports. Later on during the day I was asked about creating a patch to meta. Of course I’m going to make another video to help somebody else out. In the video I go over on how to create a diff file using […]

  • Creating sample PHPCS reports

    I created a quick video in hopes to help some people understand the great thing that is using the PHP_CodeSniffer and how good it can be for not only developing plugins but WordPress themes as well. In the video I create two sample reports. The first one a source report and the second just a summary […]

  • It’s not about your theme

    Lately I’ve stayed away from the theme review only because it can be such a negative feeling and a negative space. It’s not the people I interact with but rather those who feel like they have a solution for all the things. I’m not saying I do and I don’t try to but what I […]

  • WordPress and MediaElement styles

    Okay, this is more of an experiment I was running because I was reached out by a friend about a theme question. This actually got me thinking about the shortcodes. The audio and video ones in particular. The reason is that when you use the [audio] shortcode WordPress will use MediaElementJS and enqueue both the JavaScript […]

  • Getting WordPress Custom Post Types in the customizer

    It’s no surprise I love a good theme. I love it even more when I get a choice of what can go where – extra cookie points if I don’t have to input that information. A while back I wrote out a post about presenting content within themes. In the course of reviewing so many […]

  • Grunt your way to automation

    WordPress theme development can feel repetitive. At times there are things you are always doing over and over again. This is true when you are building a WordPress theme for distribution. Thankfully there are tools that can make your workflow a bit easier. Tools In order to make your theme workflow a little easier we […]

  • Copy paste is hurting your theme

    I’ve seen quite a few themes that have been doing this thing of passing an argument to the function when they could be using a filter. I get it we all have our methods. But when there is a better practice would you rather use the better practice or a wrong one? I choose the […]

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