This is a bit of a touchy subject since I know I’ve done this before. After all I am only human.

What happened

Here is a bit of background information. The last two weeks I’ve only done a handful of theme reviews. I’m a little upset by it. Part of that reason is because I see some themes that have a lot of potential but are a little restricted by the guidelines. Granted those were already put in place long before I even started reviewing themes.

I know you’re probably going to say that I’m overreacting a little. Maybe I am. But with good reason. I hate being the bad guy.


No, I really do. I hate to have to do my job and give people bad news. Apparently I’m really good at it since nearly all my co-workers ask me to break the news to everybody that our store is closed and they have to get out. Unfortunately when it has to be done, it has to be done.

Fast forward a little

The last two days I’ve been lucky enough to look over about four themes. Sad to say that only one of those actually met standards. The others weren’t so lucky. They had a few mistakes that were not seen the first time around.

Like I said, “I hate being the bad guy.”

I had to break the news to the developer that the theme didn’t meet the guidelines and as it stood the theme couldn’t be approved. Of course, the developer asked why now. I simply apologized and told him that mistake happen, sometimes code is overlooked.

Right then and there all I kept wondering was how were these things missed?

Seriously. How??


I can recall my first review. I felt like I was going to screw it up so badly. Fear of failure got to me. I skimmed over the code, ran through the paces of how I felt the test should go and made a decision on whether or not to approve the theme. I was younger back then and not as wise. I admit it.

Honestly, it did feel a little daunting. Knowing that a theme I reviewed and approved would be used by thousands of people all over. How can you not fear that.

Now, what brings me to the point I want to make is the last 48 hours. In those hours I saw two themes that had custom post types being registered. I mean really?

Yes. Custom Post Type.

A huge reason to not approve a theme. It is generating content. Once the person changes themes they lose all those things. Why would a developer want to do this? Why, I ask you. Why?

So here is a quick break-down of what I often tend to find are missed:

  • Translation
  • Meta boxes
  • Post types
  • Favicons
  • Social links
  • License for bundled resources

Interesting list, right? Some of those things are simple to fix like the license issue. The others require a little more work if you already have a theme approved. In particular the post types. Yes, those include sliders, portfolio, gallery, items, shopping cart like things that are being registered by the theme. Things that are better suited for plugins. As for the meta boxes, that would depend on how they are being used but I do see one slip through from time to time.

So, if you are a theme developer think about these things when you submit your next theme or want to share it.